App tracks on-campus bus routes

Published: August 2nd, 2018

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Patients, visitors and staff who seek care or work on our Archer Road campuses no longer have to miss a shuttle or withstand the unpredictable Florida elements while waiting for one.

Transloc Rider, a convenient and user-friendly app, tracks UF Health Shands and UF shuttle routes to provide convenience and safety to riders. Accessed online or on mobile devices, it displays when the shuttles are going to arrive at stops. It can be downloaded on Apple, Android and other platforms. Once the app is added, routes are displayed in different colors. You can even see bus icons moving along the routes.

Features include stop locations, expected arrival times and each shuttle’s capacity.

“Instead of someone waiting outside in the dark, they can now wait in their car and walk to the stop right before the shuttle arrives,” said George Richardson, UF Health Shands Transportation and Parking manager.


Accessed online or on mobile devices, the TransLoc Rider app displays when the shuttles are going to arrive at stops.


On average, about 400 employees and 320 patients use the shuttle service every day.

TransLoc Rider is already used by students on the UF campus. Richardson said adding the UF Health Shands shuttle routes helps integrate an already established system.

Richardson said ridership will be easier for his team to track. If certain routes experience frequent full buses at a certain time, then another shuttle can be added.

Search “TransLoc Rider” in your app store or view the shuttle routes online here.

NOTE: If you’re having trouble finding the UF Health routes, we can help. Here are some steps you can take to display UF Health routes on your “Transit systems” list:

For Apple devices:

  • Look on the top toolbar — click the gear-looking icon on the far right
  • Click “Transit Systems” (the second on the list)
  • You’ll see “Nearby Transit Systems” listed before “All Transit systems”
  • Make sure UF Health is checked under “Nearby Transit Systems”
  • Click “Done” on the top right corner
  • Click “Done” again on the top left corner
  • Click the backward “S” icon on the home page icon bar — scroll to the very bottom and see if UF Health is listed as a header with routes underneath.


TransLoc Features_IOS


For Android devices:

  • Click the menu option (three horizontal stripes) on the top left corner
  • Click “Transit Systems”
  • Make sure UF Health is checked under “Nearby Transit Systems”
  • Click the back arrow
  • You should now see the UF Health Shands routes

TransLoc Features_Android


If you’re still having trouble, try turning on your location tracking in your phone setting to “always” instead of “never.”