App puts safety in your hands

Published: November 28th, 2016

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Thanks to a new UF Health app, assistance is just a screen-touch away to help us feel safe and secure on campus.

UF Health Protect is a free, user-friendly personal safety app for UF Health faculty, staff and students. It offers intuitive navigation to quickly connect users with an assortment of digital safety tools. Wherever you are, UF Health Protect is here to help you stay safe.

Access it on your mobile device: Search any app store for “UF Health Protect.”

Here are a few of the app’s features:

Friend Walk

  • Virtually connect with someone you trust through the Friend Walk feature. Send your exact location to a friend to give them access to your real-time movements on a map. With a simple notification you can prompt them to call emergency services or alert them that you arrived safely at your destination.

Safety Toolbox

  • Use the Safety Toolbox to sound a loud alarm from your mobile device, share your location with a friend or email a question to the UF Health Shands Security team.

Emergency Contacts

  • Skip the dialing! The Emergency Contacts feature allows you to quickly connect with UF Health Shands Security or 911 emergency response personnel.

Report a Tip

  • At UF Health, our goal is to ensure the safest environment possible. Use the Report a Tip function to notify Security about suspicious activity or behavior. You’ll have the option to email, instant message or call in the information.


  • Never miss your shuttle! The Transport feature tracks UF Health Shands shuttles on their routes to provide safety and convenience to riders. It uses data from a popular mobile app called TransLoc Rider (also available on its own) to show each shuttle’s estimated time of arrival. You can even see bus icons moving along the colorful routes.

Hospital Maps

  • Click the Hospital Maps feature to find information about our hospitals on Archer Road and 39th Avenue.
  • You’ll see contact information, visiting hours, addresses, maps and directions, parking information and more. There’s even an option to request an appointment and a handy link to the UF and UF Health Shands shuttle route tracker.

Staff Resources

  • The Staff Resources section is password protected for first-time users: Enter “ufhealth” for the username and “worksafe” for the password. You’ll find general emergency response guidelines and contact information to help you in a variety of situations like hazardous spills, cardiac arrest, fires and more.
  • Please note: These are broad guidelines. Talk with your unit/department leader for your area-specific response plan.