Patient room models give a glimpse into new hospitals

In a corrugated metal warehouse a few blocks from our Archer Road south campus are two spaces set up to mirror real patient rooms. Built by UF Health Shands Facilities teams with input from staff and external architects, the spaces helped shape the design of patient rooms in the UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital and UF Health Neuromedicine Hospital.

The mock patient rooms are fully equipped with lighting, beds, flooring, monitors and other equipment. Faculty and staff walked through the spaces, tested the layout and provided feedback before the team finalized room plans in our new hospitals.The priority was to craft an innovative care space for employees and help provide the ideal patient experience.

Over time, the rooms transformed as our architect teams incorporated feedback and revised designs.

Over time, the rooms transformed as our architect teams incorporated feedback and revised designs.

More than 100 staff members from Nursing, Operations, Infection Control, Environmental Services and other departments toured the rooms. Every aspect was scrutinized — from color palette, to light fixtures and even the location of electrical outlets — to ensure the optimal experience for patients, staff and visitors.


Staff walked through an early version of a model patient room. They provided crucial input about the care space.

Over time, the rooms slowly transformed as the team incorporated feedback and changed elements. The flooring is sturdy enough to endure the constant scuffle of shoes and to bear the weight of heavy, life-saving equipment, yet it looks like material found in a new home. The décor is soothing but can be easily cleaned. The couch can transform into a comfortable bed for family members.

“So many people from different fields and unique backgrounds saw these rooms. We all came together to develop the best layout and solutions to enhance patient and family-centered care,” said Colleen Warring, a UF Health Shands Operations Planning and Analysis project manager.