UF Health Shands Hospital implements metro-inspired wayfinding tools

Starting early July, UF Health Shands Hospital introduced a new wayfinding tool on the first floor to help patients, visitors, faculty and staff navigate the north campus building.

Based on widely used “metro maps” in urban settings, our new wayfinding features “paths” and “stops.” Color-coded directional lines mark the routes through the building; and numerical stops mark the destinations.

For example, a staff member giving directions to the first-floor UF Health Pharmacy at Shands Hospital would say, “Follow the blue path to stop number 24.”

“Key to the success of the new program is a shift in language,” said Tina Mullen, UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine director. “Patients and visitors should be given a number and color that corresponds to their destination.”

Metro maps of the first floor will be available at all information desks. Because color is a key component of the wayfinding system, guests and patients will need to be given color, not black and white, copies of the map.

The wayfinding system includes three directional kiosks located at the east and west entrances of UF Health Shands Hospital and the UF Health Shands Hospital Atrium.

The system is designed to be flexible. While destination line numbers and colors will not change, language on signs can be adjusted as services migrate around the building.

Right-click this link to download the handout version of the new wayfinding maps.

UFH Shands Hospital_First Floor Wayfinding Upright

One of several upright navigation maps that will be displayed on the first floor of UF Health Shands Hospital.