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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is responsible for the deaths of 610,000 Americans annually — or one out of every four deaths.

  • Every year about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack. Of these, 525,000 are a first heart attack and 210,000 happen in people who have already had a heart attack.
  • Heart disease alone costs the United States $207 billion each year. This total includes the cost of health care services, medications and lost productivity.
  • Geography matters — heart disease has its highest incidence in the southern United States.

Exponential growth in the number of complex cardiac cases led UF Health to this most ambitious initiative to date in our commitment to serving patients throughout north central Florida and the state, the Southeast and beyond. Opening December 11, 2017, the NEW UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital is an exceptional facility that matches the world-class care already provided to UF Health heart, thoracic and vascular patients. It supports the future of surgery with minimally invasive approaches, encourages collaboration among cardiologists and cardiovascular, thoracic and vascular surgeons, and provides patients and their families with a calm and comfortable space for healing.

Patient Features

  • Patient care areas are designed to let in plenty of natural light and features a slightly recessed family space with convertible furniture so that a loved one can stay and provide patients with support.

  • Each regular patient room has a specially designed “water-friendly” bathroom accessible for people with disabilities and can accommodate a wheelchair or walker as well as support staff to aid the patient.

  • The third-floor has an open terrace area situated on a “green roof” for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy fresh air and natural light. Free Wi-Fi and telemetry (remote monitoring) so patients connected to heart function tracking equipment can use the space are available as well.

  • The Sanctuary of Wisdom is designed for prayer and contemplation for people of all religious and spiritual interests.

  • A parking garage adjacent to the new hospitals will have 600 spaces for patients and visitors of those facilities.

Building Highlights

  • Design characteristics that improve patient safety and health care

  • A carefully planned entrance that allows for optimal traffic flow

  • Improved navigation and wayfinding

  • Cardiovascular specialists consolidated in one location to improve care and speed recovery time

  • Three hybrid cardiac and vascular ORs featuring flexible diagnostic and surgical set-ups

  • Three general cardiac ORs and two general vascular ORs

  • 72 ICU rooms, equipped with patient lifts, bedside dialysis and surgical procedure lights to lessen the need to move patients

  • Two cardiac cath labs, three electrophysiology, or EP, labs and one TEE/cardioversion procedure room

  • A heart station with four vascular rooms; six echocardiogram, two transesophageal echocardiogram, or TEE, rooms; three treadmill rooms and one EKG/Holter room

  • 48 private inpatient rooms with accommodations for family

  • 20 heart and vascular exam rooms conveniently located with centralized services

Creating the Optimal Experience

The UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital is built around the needs of our patients, from the lighting in each room to the outside terrace equipped with telemetry to allow patients connected to equipment access to the outdoors. Many hours of teamwork went into creating an optimal experience in our new facility.

  • In a corrugated metal warehouse a few blocks from UF Health campus, two spaces were set up to mirror real patient rooms. Built by UF Health Shands Facilities teams with input from staff and external architects, the spaces helped shape the design of patient rooms in the new hospital.
  • The mock patient rooms were fully equipped with lighting, beds, flooring, monitors and other equipment. Faculty and staff walked through the spaces, tested the layout and provided feedback before the team finalized room plans in our new hospitals.
  • The priority was to craft an innovative care space for employees and help provide an outstanding patient experience.
  • More than 100 faculty and staff members — including teams from UF Health Shands Nursing, Operations, Infection Control, Environmental Services and other departments — toured the rooms. They scrutinized every aspect — from the color palette to light fixtures and the location of electrical outlets — to ensure the optimal experience for patients, staff and visitors.
  • Over time, the rooms slowly transformed as the team incorporated feedback and changed elements. The flooring is sturdy enough to endure the constant scuffle of shoes and to bear the weight of heavy, life-saving equipment, yet it looks like material found in a new home. The décor is soothing but can be easily cleaned. The couch can transform into a comfortable bed for family members.

Check out a floor-by-floor view of the new hospitals. 

Learn more about heart, thoracic and vascular services offered at UF Health.

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